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Ohjin Campus, Shikoku University (Dec. 14)

Access (From Tokushima Station to Shikoku University )

There is a bus terminal in the front of Tokushima Station.
From bus stop No. 1, you can get on a Naruto line bus (WITHOUT "VIA BYPASS").
From bus stop No. 2, you can get on a Kawauchi-Matsushige line, Oh-asa line or Aizumi line.
You get off the bus at the bus stop "Shikoku-Daigaku-Mae" where is near the east side entrance of Shikoku University.

These buses are operated four to ten times an hour.
Timetable (Tokushima Bus Navi)

Campus Map

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Nichia Kaikan, Tokushima University (Dec. 15)

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