Conference Excursion & Banquet Dinner

7/25 ( Wed ) Afternoon

Conference Excursion

"Baruto-no-Gakuen (Japanese Official site)"
The movie entitled "Baruto no Gakuen" was filmed on this area. The story is described about warm interactions among German prisoners, a manager of the relocation camp and local residents during the World War I. Concerts of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony are held throughout Japan in December of each year. It is said that this custom is derived from orchestral performances of German prisoners. Here is a location site of the movie. You can experience the feel of relocation camp at that time.

"Oasahiko Shrine"
The deities to which this shrine is dedicated protect people from evils and traffic accidents, and are known throughout the prefecture and afar for these powers. The shrine is affectionately known as "Owasa-han".

"Naruto Bridge Uzu-no-Michi Walkway"
A pedestrian walkway constructed between Onaruto bridge girders extends 450 meters from land toward an observation chamber. You can view the Naruto whirlpools 45 meters below.

Banquet Dinner
At Naruto Grand Hotel, in Japanese ENKAI style.

Naruto Grand Hotel

Banquet Room

Variety of Seafood

Awa Odori

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